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Our Design Process

Our design process is designed to give you the best possible image for your business or project. Branding is a key element in any of our projects. We spend a minimum of 2-4 hours with, you, the client: 2 days on researching and brainstorming, 3 days on rendering, and 2 days on tweaking the final design and delivering final project.
Make sure you check out our Logo Portfolio. Interested in Video? Check out our Video Process.
First Meeting

We discuss the business and identify the goals of your business and branding aspirations.

For logo design, client will be asked to complete an exercise by choosing other logo designs, fonts, and colors they like prior to our logo interview.

The exercise will help better understand the creative path we need to take to create something you will absolutely love.

When we have an idea of what you want, we put a proposal together for you to review.


Once you have accepted the proposal, an agreement between iBrand Your Business and you, the client is signed with the details of the project.

We require 50% of the amount of the project due before the project begins.

The Design Interview and Collaboration

We schedule a 60-90 minute interview to discuss and identify the look and feel of your design that will best represent your business or project through Q&A.

For logo design, we go over in detail why you chose the logos and fonts in the logo exercise given prior. This really helps illuminate anything you may not like.

This interview clarifies what design elements we need to focus on to best represent your business or project.

Research, Visual Ideas

We take 2 days to research what we learned in the design interview. We do our homework and learn more about your industry, research competitors, market trends, brainstorm, etc. We visually start designing concepts to see which best fits your needs.

Although we strive to suite your likes, we also take into consideration what look and feel will sell to your target market.


We send you preliminary ideas in digital formats to check with you if we are on the right track and to keep you in the loop.

The digital format is drawn or designed in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and exported to a PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The presentation

If the finished design will be used for a business card, bill board, signage, t-shirt, etc., we will present the design to you in a digital mock-up format for a better visual.

Tweaks and Finishing Touches

To finalize the project, you can make revisions. Refer to our signed agreement. If the revisions are outside the scope of our agreement, a new agreement can be executed.

Our goal is to make you happy and 100% satisfied. There is always flexibility when working with iBrand Your Business.

Artwork Delivery

We deliver your project, either by email or make it available to download. Specified formats are in our agreement and can be made available in multiple formats. We can always resize any artwork if required for specific needs such as websites and promotional items. Restrictions do apply for raster format projects, for example, projects involving photographs.

Photographs can only be enlarged to their maximum original size or pixilation and blurriness can occur. But they can always be resized smaller.

Graphics created in vector formats can be resized to any size. There are no limitations.

When you are happy with your project and our agreement is fully satisfied, we collect the final payment.

Business Relationship for Life!

Our goal is to keep you as a client for life. If you have any design-related questions, need assistance with resizing, cropping, etc., or need future design projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

My name is Theresa Santa, and I am the designer for iBrand Your Business. I truly look forward to working on projects for my clients and take each project very seriously as if it was my own business. I look forward to working with you now and in the future.

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Imagine having your brand set and ready for placement online and offline. Your business will have a uniform image that creates presence, professionalism, and brand recognition.
Make sure to visit our Logo Portfolio.


Salinas, CA

"At the National Steinbeck Center we are happy to work with Theresa Santa in ad, postcard, and program designs. She is a good listener and a talented artist who makes an idea go from a simple scribble on white paper to a beautiful work of art. Theresa is quick and efficient, plus her prices are affordable even for a not-for-profit organization. Thank you Theresa!"

- Esmeralda Owen
National Steinbeck Center

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