Planning a Small Business


Planning a Small Business

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We Know that there isn’t enough help one can get when Planning a Small Business!

Starting a business is no stroll in the park, and it can get expensive without the right plan. Sergio from iBrand Your Business instructs on a few steps at the beginning of starting a business and the branding process. Proper planning of a business can save a lot of money and time in the near and distant future. Visit the links in the video for more information on starting a small business, marketing, branding, and social media tips, as well as the process of creating a solid and concrete foundation for your start up.

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Our Start MyBiz page, in the link above, has many resources to help any small business with direction and guidance in getting your idea rolling. We plan to introduce many of these types of videos, so please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can do so by opening the video on YouTube and clicking on the subscribe button while logged into your Google account (That’s also a YouTube account). We hope you have found this tutorial and our many other tutorials helpful in launching your business. We love to hear success stories, so please don’t be afraid to click on the little heart to tell us you liked this video or any other video as well as entering a comment in the comment box below. We greatly appreciate your support!

-The iBrand Your Business Team

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