Innovation in Real Estate Sales

Innovation in Real Estate Sales

Innovation in Real Estate Sales

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When I sold my house a couple years ago, I realized how difficult it is to be a realtor. It is a lot of work, and if someone is going to be an effective, professional, and successful realtor who does a great job, it takes a lot of tenacity and time to do well at it. There is also a lot of uncertainty, risk, and cash flow isn’t always constant. Thankfully, my realtor, Mary Squier did an incredible job selling my house, which seemed to be an impossible sale.

What is the FBA program?

Recently iBrand Your Business came across a program that has put together for online sellers. It’s called the Fulfilled by Amazon or FBA program. The program is split into two different categories, low sales volume for less than 40 units sold per month and high sales volume for more than 40 units sold per month. This is the way the program works. For low sales volume, the seller has the option of selling their products on and either the seller fulfills the order by packing and shipping the order to the customer or Amazon will do all the handling, packing, and shipping. For high sales volume, Amazon will do everything. Inventory can even be shipped directly to Amazon and stored in your inventory section until it’s sold. When a customer places an order on, a Kiva robot picks up the item from the storage area and takes it to where it’ll be packaged and sent to a customer. It’s all done in just a few minutes.

So, I got to thinking about how the FBA program could be used in a way that was both innovative and beneficial, so I thought of this idea as a means to incorporate innovation in real estate sales. Well, have you ever had a realtor sell your house? They usually come in and tell you what’s wrong with the house before putting it up on the market. I remember when my realtor came in and essentially ripped me ‘a new one.’ She told me what’s gotta go and what I can consider keeping. Well, after throwing my tantrum about how I was being told to live, I had to grow up and accept the fact… she was right.

The Idea

Some realtors have furniture and decorations to stage a house for showing it. It really helps home sellers because image is everything, especially in real estate sales. So, imagine a realtor with high sales volume of homes who is able to stage homes. Now, imagine these people who come to see these homes looking at the staging décor. Could it be possible to put a small card with a QR code next to each staged item where people viewing the home can scan the QR code with their mobile device, and that QR code takes the customer to the item where it’s being sold by the realtor on Wouldn’t it be nice to have some cash flow even when the house is just sitting waiting to be sold? The nice part is that the customer can purchase the item right there on the spot. They are already seeing it, and the QR code already is providing the means to purchase the item on their phone. Also, the realtor is there too to help push the sale.

Of course this idea will only work where there is a high amount of visitor traffic during open houses, but it’s a genius idea. The house the realtor is selling is the sales floor for the items being sold on The other nice part is that the items being sold on are also getting traffic driven to them through Amazon’s sales efforts. Of course Amazon wants to sell your stuff to get their sales commission and get your inventory out of their warehouse.

Yes, business is more competitive more now than ever before! It’s crucial to be innovative and think outside the box in search for new resources and more ways to increase cash flow. It’s the innovative ideas that make business fun and exciting and keep business alive! If you are interested in the FBA program, Google search Mark Scott Adams and find his website, blogs, and informative resources to help get you started.

Wishing you much success,

Sergio with the iBrand Your Business Team

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