Google Calendar Tutorial for Small Business


Google Calendar Tutorial for Small Business

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Get Started with this Google Calendar Tutorial for Small Business 2015

This video instructs with great details the many advantages of Google Calendar. This tutorials very briefly covers the basics and quickly goes into more advanced settings to make Google Calendar function with small to mid-size businesses. The video also covers the difference between a free standard Google Calendar and the Calendar found with Google Apps for Work as well as some of the advantages of having Google Apps for Work. Because the video is rather lengthy and covers a lot of material in regards to Google Calendar, a table of contents has been included in this video description to help guide viewers to the material that is most applicable to them.



Section 1: The Basics, Create Events and Invite Guests. Log in to your Google Calendar at Section 1 Link:

Section 2: Benefits of having Multiple Calendars & How They are Displayed Section 2 Link:

Section 3: How to Create a Calendar and Share it. For Google Apps for Work users, how to set calendar sharing options for new calendars in your organization. Section 3 Link:

Section 4: How Users Set Up Notifications for Each Notification Section 4 Link:

Section 5: Four Tips on Google Calendar
– How to use quick add
– How to set up a default calendar when scheduling events
– How to repeat an event
– How to use “More Actions” and duplicate an event Section 5 Link:

Section 6: Appointment Slots for Users on Google Apps for Work. Section 6 Link:

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**** Links Mentioned in Video ******

Link to Google Drive 2015 video tutorial:

Link to Google Admin panel for Google Apps for Work users:

Link to Google Support for setting calendar setting as the administrator:….

Link to sign up for Google Apps for Work:

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