Add some spice to your social media marketing calendar!

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Add some spice to your social media marketing calendar!

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Everyone knows eating the same meal, doing the same routine, wearing the same outfit, and seeing the same things every day, day after day after day, gets really boring and mundane! Wouldn’t you agree? Well, for most people the same thing every day is just too much, and most people participate in some kind of social media. Imagine logging into Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media platform and finding the same posts every time you log on. “There is the boutique trying to sell me the same purse I just bought! There is Freddy’s Tire Shop telling me again how to change a tire for the 13th time this week. Let’s click on the same link from Dr. Angerson for the third time today!”

Ever been on Twitter and a user you follow starts to flood your twitter feed with the same sales tweet? How about a Facebook business page you LIKE inundating your news feed with the same video post you have already watched three times? It’s annoying! No one likes to see their social media feeds being cluttered with the same stuff, same posts, or even the same type of posts.

Vary Your Post

By varying posts and cycling through different types of posts weekly or even monthly, followers are more likely to continue to follow and the possibility of followers engaging increases. A common question might be, “I have to come up with 365 posts per year, and they can’t be the same as the previous year?” Of course repeated posts can go out, but repeated posts should be reasonably spaced out.

The best way to understand how to make social media efficient is by putting oneself in the shoes of the follower. People (followers) go to social media to socialize much like people do when attending any social gathering, so posting everyday about business and nothing else makes one the loner at the bar no one wants to talk to because they all know what the topic of conversation is going to be… business. Be spontaneous and have fun with social media. Take a little risk… do a little dance, get down with your bad self and use social media to socialize with customers.

Putting a Content Calendar to Work

Of course the main reason and purpose on any social media platform as a business is to make money and a lot of it. If posts are about 25% sales posts, the business is on heaven’s good list. If posts are 100% sales, the business totally skips hell’s list and goes straight to everyone’s annoying list. Spice up your posts with variety. We have come up with a content calendar for social media posts with different types of posts to go out every day of the week. This is not in any way carved into stone (It was actually generated by use of a word processor). Every week vary it up. Maybe one week a business may have a huge sale, so it might be best to go heavier on the sales post for the week. Launching a new product or service? During the week of launching something new, it may be best to lean more towards informative posts that inform about the new product or service. Maybe a recent event that has affected the industry is all over the news, so news articles might be the best posts to do that week.

Even in those odd weeks, vary it up or combine two types of post to carry out your goal for the week. If your goal is to inform about a specific product or service, make the post humorous by adding a joke. The beauty about social media is the flexibility and the possibilities for easy advertising, so be flexible and be creative. It’s been written once already in this article… “get down with your bad self!”

Social Media Marketing Calendar

Social Media Marketing Calendar

We wish you much success with your new social media marketing calendar!

The iBrand Your Business Team

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