How to Start Marketing Efforts Right

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Yes, Yes, Yes! We know! Every business knows it! Businesses of all sizes know it! Even though it can be fun and creative, it can still be a drag! Figured it out yet? Marketing… it’s risky, it’s expensive, and the uncertainties of the outcome of a marketing campaign can be[…]

Facebook Page Marketing Strategy Tips 2014

Facebook Ads: Marketing Strategy Tips 2014

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Take a tour of Facebook Insights, and learn how to target your online audience and the essentials of marketing on Facebook. The lessons learned in this video are crucial before taking a stab at running Facebook ads. Some of the subjects discussed in this tutorial include: How to discover a[…]

The Mission of iBrand Your Business

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This is to all of our past, present, and future customers who we appreciate very much. This is our commitment to push forward to exist as a business, a service, and a contributor to our immediate and surrounding communities both near and far. Thank you for giving us a reason[…]

Naming A Business is Big Business

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The name of a business should complement the business like muffins complement a morning cup of coffee or sausage complements scrambled eggs. Why? If your business name doesn’t bring in some money, then you can’t afford the muffins, the coffee, sausage, eggs or even the cup for the coffee! The[…]